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At home in innovation

Innovation is essential for any company, large or small and in whatever sector in order to remain competitive and to ensure future growth. Standing still implies decline. Innovation, however, requires investment now while the benefits will only come at a later stage. To cross this hurdle, the Dutch and European governments offer financial support. They provide innovation subsidies and credit guarantees, amongst others.


The number of subsidy arrangements and funding schemes offered is huge. This makes applying for subsidies complex and unclear. On top of that, the demand for funding is big but the subsidy budgets are limited. It is therefore of utmost importance that the right choices are made when applying for subsidies. Not only the correct arrangement/authority and the correct moment in time count, a well-motivated application is equally important. Eraqua Services BV is specialized in supporting companies in selecting and applying for exactly the right innovation subsidy.

Full support

Eraqua Services BV distinguishes itself from other subsidy consultants because of its specialization in innovation subsidies and risk financing. We do so both nationally and internationally. Moreover, Eraqua goes further than just taking care of your subsidy application as our services include the provision of project management and the shaping of collaborations to guide your innovation process to a successful end. This includes marketing the innovation and making it a commercial success. 




Free quick scan

Prior to accepting a subsidy application for preparation and submission, Eraqua Services carries out a so-called Quick Scan. The results of this free scan immediately tell you what your chances for success are.

No Cure – No Pay

Our support is provided on the base of no cure – no pay: you only pay for our services after the subsidy has been awarded.

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